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Sponsoring Monitor

Sponsoring Monitor

The main value of this report is sharing knowledge about sponsoring, its perception, potential of the particular disciplines, teams, athletes and cultural events. It is a helpful tool for the companies which already are sponsors, as well as those who plan to become sponsors.

Range of topics


  • Most active sponsors
  • Level of interest
  • Practicing
  • Source of information
  • Sponsors’ visibility
  • Knowledge of teams
  • Knowledge and sponsoring of Polish athletes


  • Most active sponsors
  • Level of interest
  • Usage
  • Source of information
  • Sponsors’ visibility

Report availability

Annual report: January
Partial reports: May, September

Methodology and sample

CATI and CAWI quantitative study, conducted on a total sample of over 3000 people.

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Sylwia Miszczyk

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Marcin Powiłański

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