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About the company

About the company

ARC Rynek i Opinia is an independent Polish market research institute providing market research services since 1992. Our experience, expert knowledge, and constantly expanding research portfolio guarantee vital information supporting further planning and development process.

ARC Rynek i Opinia specialises in market research projects for companies across all the sectors. So far we have conducted the largest number of projects for service providers, mostly in such categories as:

  • Finance
  • Professional B2B services
  • Telecom
  • Transport/ Logistics/Freight forwarding
  • Pharmaceuticals/medical services
  • Commercial sector
  • FMCG
  • Other sectors

ARC Rynek i Opinia has also conducted numerous projects for marketing, PR, media and publishing companies. We have also been working for automotive and FMCG companies
According to an ongoing PTBRIO tracking on the market industry ARC Rynek i Opinia is one of the best known and most frequently selected market research companies in Poland.



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